GM soybean screening test

GM soybean screening test

The lines of genetically modified (GM) soybeans in the world vary depending on the climate of each producing country, and also influenced by social conditions, global supply and demand trends. However, typically test in Japan detect only 3 lines. We offer 13 lines GM soybeans detection service.

By continually undergoing testing for GM soybeans, you can demonstrate that manufacture high quality foods.

Qualitative PCR test for GM soybeans

Targets sections of genetic material often used in genetically modified organisms.
Minute amounts of DNA can be detected using this method.
The Result of analysis shows whether certain DNA-sequences were detected (yes/no).

GM soybean line Maximum 13 lines (including GTS 40-3-2, A2704-12, MON89788)
Method Qualitative PCR method (referred to EU Database of Reference Methods for GMO Analysis)
Application example Confirmation of food labeling / Contamination check of seeds and foods