DNA identification
of microorganisms

Microbiological food testing is an integrated part of microbial safety management, allowing operators to detect and monitor food-borne spoilage microorganisms and pathogens to ensure the safety of food products and the cleanliness of supply chain line.

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is one of the most important and rapid methods for the detection of pathogens and microorganisms in food products. Results from the testing can help operators and businesses to detect and manage emerging risk as well to meet the compliance standards set by authorities.

Target organisms Microorganisms(Bacteria, Fungi)1
Application example Food Hygiene & Safety, Compliance
Acceptable sample types Extracted DNSs from pure cultures, PCR products, Isolates(plate culture etc.)2
Methods PCR and Sanger sequencing of bacterial 16S rRNA gene or fungal ITS gene, BLAST search3

1We are not able to provide tests and services for clinical samples, pathogenic microorganisms and viruses at this time.

2Kindly note that any specimens or samples sent to us will not be returned.

3All tests are conducted in accordance to the methods and requirements listed in "Rapid Identification Method of Microorganisms by Genetic Analysis" by the Japanese Pharmacopoeia